Two Sets Women African Skirt Suites

Style No: 401-2
Model Height: 5ft 10”
Model Wearing Size: Medium
Waist: 37”/94cm
Skirt length: 39”/99cm (above the ankle)
Skirt Fabric: Unprinted Woven Spandex(Comes in White or Black)
Jacket length: 27" (At the hip)
Jacket Fabric: Hollandaise Superior Wax Print
Inner tank Shaper not included
Model Hip: 44.5”/113cm
Minimum Wholesale Qty: 6pcs
Delivery Period :10-21 Days
Unit Price: SALE: $110
Wholesale Price: $30- $75
Wholesale Qty: 8pcs-400pcs
Fabric type: Organic Swiss Cotton 
Wholesale Sizes: Any size under your name brand

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