Amigas - 12 sets

$96 $192

All gemstone Taqua are available in custom sizes, color and pattern. Could be polished with yellow gold 12k to 14k, Titanium or Stainless steel for wholesale custom orders. We create your design and pattern to suit your fashion line. Available for franchise with No loyalty free.

This earring is handmade made from the all natural Tagua nut, and is elegant, sophisticated and eco friendly. Best Sellers..Tagua Lover💓💓💓 love these earrings.
Quality jewelry made by skilled Artisans.
Hypoallergenic. Lead and Nickel free earring wires.
Shine comes from 12 hours of tumbling. All organic process.
Organic vegetable dyes used by High End Fashion Designers.
Sustainable Tagua nut is product used.
Due the characteristics of each nut ever piece is unique.
Lightweight earrings.

Quantity: 12 sets


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