African Best Seller wax Print Design Imported


AmWinners yarn and fabrics, are infused with UV 55 protection technology, to protect the skin from UV sun damage. The materials are wrinkle and fade resistant, guarantee to remain the same yearly, when cared for as directed. Cotton materials are organically grown, hypo-allergenic, with temperature regulated system, that auto-adjust to weather conditions.  

  • Original imported Hollandaise superior printed wax made in Holland.
  • Handcrafted by experienced garment workers.
  • Made of 100% Holland Certified Wax cotton
  • Beautiful Design: Mixture of different patterns of color.
  • Certified quality with guaranteed color steadfastness.
  • Comes with lifetime warranty or money back.
  • High quality fabric that can be used to make dresses, skirts, shirts, hand bags, and quilting.
  • Perfect apparel for party, shopping, school, wedding, work, club, cocktail, night, casual everyday wear.
  • These wax prints should not be confused to African prints made in China. Some designs may be the same, but quality is completely different. 
  • Available in various size, color, design, pattern. 
  • Size/Quantity: 6.6meters per pack design


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