Bambu Necklace - 12pcs

$420 $840

Adjustable, light weight Tagua buttons Use in making this Tagau necklace. today Tagau buttons are used by most high end designers. Bamboo is used to accent this piece. Once again adjustability is huge plus of where and what you can wear with this piece. Elegant or causal !! This necklace is handmade made from the all natural Tagua nut, and is elegant, sophisticated and eco friendly.
24’’ to 36’’L; Adjustable
Quality jewelry made by skilled Artisans.
Shine comes from 12 hours of tumbling, All organic process.
Organic vegetable dyes used by High End Fashion Designers
Sustainable Tagua nut is product used.
Bamboo use also used in this piece.
Adjustable Jewelry wax cotton cord with Tagua nut toggle.
Due the characteristics of each nut ever piece is unique.

Quantity: 12pcs


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