Cyan Color Mixed Embroidery Designed Original Swiss Cotton Laces

$140 $175

Beautiful Swiss Cotton Laces are perfect for custom sewing fabrics. If you are looking for a sewing fabric for multiple purposes, then our Block Printed Multi Design Original Swiss Cotton Lace is the perfect choice for you. This sewing fabric is perfect for cutting into shapes and making your dress as you like. Made with imported material ensures the highest level of comfort and durability.

It comes with an additional Sewing Lace Fabric which you can use as the way you want. This side lace is Cyan & Golden Colored, Semi-Transparent, beautifully embroidery designed makes it very elegant. You can use this as Scarf, Shawl, Bandana, or as you want.

  • Black Colored Printed Body with Unique Cyan Colored Block Print.
  • Gorgeous Cyan Colored Embroidery Designed Swiss Cotton Lace.
  • Combination of Black, Cyan & Golden Color.
  • The Body is covered with different unique designs.
  • At the Footer Line, Golden Colored Gorgeous Lace makes it unique.
  • Comes with an amazing Secondary Sewing Fabric.
  • Secondary Sewing Fabric is Beautifully designed.
  • Perfect for making dresses, skirts, head wrap, and other clothes.
  • Very much suitable for Fashion Apparel, Wedding, Party, Office Party.
  • Perfect for Gift for your loved ones.
  • 100% Original Imported Swiss Cotton Laces.
  • Supreme Quality Fabric, made in Switzerland.
  • Very delicate and beautiful & Comfortable.
  • Superior quality lifetime warranty.
  • Lifetime warranty and 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • They are 7 yards per design.
  • Wholesale Discount Applies to Business Accounts.
  • We Accept Custom Order.

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