Classic Purple Stripe Work Pant for Elegant Woman


Any Women who understand the fashion and trend she will go crazy for this unique Purple and Amaranth Maroon colour stripe trouser fitting work pant for women. This eccentric and attractive pant is designed by Amwiner and Rapheeze designers with the latest Innovative Technology and Imported Fabric. This work pant is so stylistic that, I will be your dress for representing your feminism. 

  • Polyester/Elastane with a lifetime guarantee
  • UV woven Fabrichnology
  • Featuring Innovative Technology
  • All-around Elastic Waist
  • Unique Designed with Purple and Amaranth Maroon Colored Stripe
  • Imported Fabric
  • Very Comfortable and Stylistic
  • Regular Fit for 5.9' Model
  • Available in various size

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