Crystal Rice Bead Decoration Drop Earring Soutache Ethnic style Weaving Hanging Earrings for Female

This Ethnic Handmade Weaving Hanging Earrings will make your Personality fashionable. This Female Soutache Crystal Rice Bead Decoration Drop Earring jewellery is amazing and notable. It is a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for something unique for himself. These earrings are designed to win hearts of fashionable ladies and girls. These are designed different from the usual earrings to make you look more stylish and unique. If you are a fashionista then these earrings are just for you.

  • Crystal rhinestone is used as main stone in these drop earring
  • Stouche is main jewellery mate
  • These unique and stylish earrings are rhodium and platinum plated
  • These are crafted exclusively in bohemian style.
  • They weigh 8.4g
  • The dimensions are 7 cm X 2.3 cm
  • It is made with three colors White, Blue and Gold

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