Handmade Soutache Ethnic Style Long Hanging Earrings Jewelry for Women Big Drop Earring -White Color

A Fashion Soutache Long Hanging Earrings in Ethnic Style Jewelry for Women. This is one of the Popular Accessories Handmade Big Drop Earrings. These earrings will take your fashion statement on a whole new level. These fabulously crafted earrings are super cool for a fashionista. These earrings are exactly like the one you need. You will move effortlessly anywhere with these amazing and beautiful earrings. This is the perfect choice for you.
  • These Handmade Earrings weigh only 18.8g
  • The width of these remarkable earrings is just 7.5 cm X 4 cm
  • It is available in three different colors i.e. White, Red, Khaki
  • These are rhodium and platinum plated and are made in bohemian style
  • The rhinestone is used as main stone
  • These are made and designed by Rapheeze

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