Handmade Soutache Long Hanging Earring Jewelry for Women-Black Color

KPacoTa Fashion Soutache Long Hanging Earring Jewelry is best for Women who like Handmade Big Drop Earring in Ethnic Style, which goes with any kind of Clothing Accessories. The durable, long-lasting, and safe material is used for your beautiful ears. These bohemian long drop earrings are glamorous, elegant, and easy to wear. Its beautiful and shiny surface makes it more notable.
  •  These earrings are 2.5cm wide, and length is about 5.5 cm
  • Soutache is used as jewelry main mate
  • It weighs only 7g
  •  They are rhodium and platinum plated
  • Crystal Rhinestone is used as main stone in Soutache Long Hanging Earring
  •  KPacoTa Fashion Soutache Long Hanging Earring is best for any type of occasion
  • There are 10 different options available for you to choose from

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