Handmade Wood Beads Pendant & Necklace Ethnic Long Strand Buddhist Mala

These Buddhist mala bead Necklace have a nice real weighted feel to it. When you wear it, you will feel confident and positive. These handmade beads Necklace have a different style and different materials, but all of them made of exclusive Premium & colorful materials These wood bead necklaces will look great on you for all occasions and will give a little touch of nature on you. Rapheeze is dedicated to providing New women's accessories to make sure you look beautiful, elegant, and attractive, This is well made artistic long bead necklaces Come with its own Beautiful Pendant, and a Great selection of numerous Beads to give you the perfect touch.
  • Well polished and shiny beads
  • affordable and comfortable for wearing.
  • Suitable for any occasions
  • high-quality allergy-free and comfortable.
  • Suitable for going party, banquet or everyday wear.
  • Wooden Material
  • won't cause allergy for your skin

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