Wholesale Rapheeze Island Kyma Sandals With Sole- Camel

Fashion designers attempt to design clothes which are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. But besides designing clothing, they are paying lots of attention to footwear. Because the perfect matching sandals and shoes make give you a perfect look that you deserve. Rapheeze presents Kyma.2 Sole sandal in Camel Color for the woman who really thinks about their presentation and fashion. 
  • Made in Tibet by special shoemakers
  • Very Comfortable,  & Very lightweight
  • Made with Superior Materials & Very Durable
  • Perfect heel position ensures that there is no pain even for a very long walk
  • Stain Resistant, Leak Proof
  • Very easy to wash, both machine & hand washable
  • Perfect sandal even for the extreme path
  • Designed with Cushioning and Protection
  • The perfect sandal for all occasion with unique and beautiful design
  • Available in different size & colour

Contact us for your name branding or custom designs for your boutique.

Qty: 200pcs any size

Price: $1980.00


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