Large Crystal Pendant Soutache Earrings for Female-Black Color

Rapheeze has created Fashion Vintage Ethnic Earrings for Females. These Large Earrings that are Soutache Handmade and are used as Crystal Pendant Earrings. These are crafted by a remarkable team that made them long-lasting and durable. This is a perfect product for your ears and will fit comfortably without irritating your skin. These earrings will make you sparkle and glitter on any occasion. These will add to your style and glamour. Wear it with any outfit to feel special and unique.
  • Rapheeze Vintage Ethnic Earrings for Females are rhodium and platinum-plated
  • This is a luxury earring which has Rhinestone as main crystal
  • The material used is soutache
  • There are seven options available in these ethnic earrings: Black, White, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Purple, and Khaki.

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