Long Gold & Black Stripe Woman Work pant


Classic Gold & Black stripe Woman Work pant designed by Amwiner and Rapheeze designers for beautiful elegant women who are contributing to society. Build with imported fabric and designed with eccentric look make this work pant a must-have item for each and every working woman. 

  • Polyester/Elastane with a lifetime guarantee
  • UV woven Fabrichnology
  • Featuring Innovative Technology
  • All-around Elastic Waist
  • Imported Fabric
  • Very Comfortable and Stylistic
  • Regular Fit for 5.9' Model
  • Available in various size

Rapheeze creates your custom brand sportswear for unique features offering special fabrics with UV shield for major athletic brands. Every occasion demands special garment, we customize individual garments for weddings, uniforms, corporate apparel, public and government service clothing, U.S military uniforms at low cost.


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