Long Woman Trouser Style Work Pant - Pure White


White has it all, White is the colour of beauty and charm. When Women dressed white, she is beautiful than ever. Amwiner & Rapheeze designers present white-coloured Long Woman Trouser style Work Pant which is manufactured with imported Italian fabric. High-quality fabric and Innovative Technology ensures extreme comfort all day long. 

  • Polyester/Elastane with a lifetime guarantee
  • UV woven Fabrichnology
  • Featuring Innovative Technology
  • All-around Elastic Waist
  • Unique Designed 
  • Imported Fabric
  • Very Comfortable and Stylistic
  • Regular Fit for 5.9' Model
  • Available in various size

Contact Amwiner for high-quality women`s Clothing. Manufacturing top clothing brands for women`s fashion and designs. The year 2001 certified USA wholesale apparel distributor offering custom brand designer clothes for small businesses and individuals. Save high tariff importation $$$!


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