Long Woman Work Pant with Unique Body Print - Blue


Dressed woman are powerful women. When a Woman is dressed with Long Work pant with Elegant stylistic unique body print, She is the icon of the event no matter what it is. This unique eccentric trouser style classic long pant is made with imported fabric and designed by Amwiner and Rhapeeze designers. A fantastic work pant to wear in all condition without any hassle. 

  • Polyester/Elastane with a lifetime guarantee
  • UV woven Fabrichnology
  • Featuring Innovative Technology
  • All-around Elastic Waist
  • Unique Designed with Lively Print
  • Imported Fabric
  • Very Comfortable and Stylistic
  • Regular Fit for 5.9' Model
  • Available in various size

Accredited wholesale clothing vendor and designer for retail stores, constructing custom T-shirts for men and women. Minority women business entrepreneurs receive business credits for qualified boutique accounts and wholesales.  For free shipping services, pattern design consultation and account set up, Call Now for Details!


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