Rapheeze Blue Paisley Designer Bodycon Top

$19 $44

Rapheeze presents blue Paisley Designed Bodycon Top with a unique design which will be a valuable addition to any woman's wardrobe. This breathable body shaping top shirt is super comfortable. This beautiful body contouring paisley design pattern is not commonly seen. No doubt that this top will help you to enlighten your feminine beauty in all occasions.

  • 100% UV Protected Fabric
  • Lining: 100% Spandex Polyester
  • Machine/Hand Wash 
  • Italy Imported
  • Texas Created
  • Available in various size
  • We have them logo free as well

Winner’s Designers is completely focused on delivering an exciting shopping experience and making sure about high standards of quality. We always do our best to provide each and every customer, with the highest standard of service.

It is our passion to highlights the real demand of customers everywhere, from leisure time to professional time, casual to dinner, young to ladies. Not only popular but also uniqueness, Winners Designers confirmedly delivers it one and only style around the world. We provide our customers with a great shopping experience and heartening style in order to make them satisfied with the heart.

 We take custom orders for your company, using your brand name along with wholesale opportunity. To have any garment customized for your individual use or business, click here for more information.

All styles are available for wholesale and custom branding with a free loyalty fee franchise for women-owned small businesses. Business credits are available for Minority women business entrepreneurs. Unit purchase orders are credited to your wholesale account whenever you order wholesale or plan wants to jump-start your name brand. 


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