Super Embroidery Net Lace - Live Color 5 Yards


100% Original Switzerland made laces are world-famous for their eye-catching design and supreme quality. These excellent designed fabrics are so beautiful that no matter what the program is, you are going to be in the spot. Amwinner & Rapheeze presents Super Stylish Lace Fabrics With Amazing Embroidery Net Lace - Lively Color. This amazing designed trendy & stylish fabric is made in Switzerland with special care. This beautiful cotton lace is 100% original Swiss Cotton Lace made with supreme imported materials. 

  • Supreme Fabric, made in Switzerland
  • Original Swiss Cotton Lace Fabric is High Quality and is Eco-Friendly
  • Very delicate and beautiful & Comfortable
  • 100% Organic cotton lace
  • Superior quality lifetime warranty
  • Very much suitable for Fashion Apparel, Wedding, Party, Office Party 
  • Very Beautiful and stylish, Suitable gift item for a loved one.
  • Can use this fabric to make dresses, skirts, head wrap, and other clothes

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