Denim Neck African Suit With Kente Dutch Super Wax Hollandaise


AmWiner clothing manufacturer is a one stop plant for all your apparel. Finding the right clothing company can be difficult, but with AmWiner we provide start to finish services, fabric sources and new brand marketing techniques to help you excel by showcasing your brand to top department stores in the United States. Each apparel can be redesigned and customized to suite your market, with your name brand and logo at low minimum quantity.

Fabric made with original super wax fade resistant quality printed fabric

⦁    Rapheeze super unique styles & trendy design

⦁    High quality and to wear in all condition

⦁    Available in all sizes, designs and pattern

⦁    Construction ensures Long Durability

⦁    Easy to wash and care

⦁    Length  34 to 60 inches length

⦁    Custom colors and sizes available


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