Unique Designed Long Party Gown Maxi Style Blue & Yellow Color - 2 in one Combo package

$123 $163

Each & every woman are different in their own presentation. Woman clothing are the one of the most important things in their presentation. Amwiner & Rapheeze presents - Unique Designed Long Party Gown Maxi Style Blue & Yellow Color - 2 in one Combo package. This beautiful maxi style party skirt is made with supreme imported materials. 

This beautiful 2 in one combo dress is a complete package for all occasion, party, marriage ceremony, presentation, Party dress, Guest of the wedding, Beaded dress, Evening dress, Formal dress, Special Occasion Dress, Bridesmaid. This 2 beautiful dress are sell together as 2 in one combo pack.

  • 100% Cotton Wax Printed Fabrics
  • Long-lasting and easy to clean
  • Delicate color will remain for lifetime
  • Made with supreme quality fiber
  • Unique design with sophisticated fiber
  • Very Delicate and Beautiful & Comfortable
  • Superior quality & Long lasting
  • Very much suitable for Fashion Apparel, Wedding, Party, Office Party 
  • Very Beautiful and Stylish, Suitable gift item for a Loved one.
  • Size: One size fits all.

If you are looking to buy just the Primary dress, just visit the following link or click on the picture, we are offering this beautiful dress as single piece in very suitable price with multiple size. 

Link for 1pc: Click here


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