Women's Long Sleeves White Dress With Blue Embroidery 12 Pcs

$130 $270

Rapheeze Presents Super comfortable & stylish Dresses. This is perfect fit for all prenatal growth and pleasant with the sense of Trendy fashion. Premium quality fabrics ensure durability and quality. UV protected & Easy to Wash.

Bidenian logo is a detachable fabric logo sticker not sewn into the garment. The outfit ships separate from the fabric logo sticker.

⦁    Fabric Cotton Linen with Embroidery Finishing
⦁    Rapheeze super unique styles & trendy design
⦁    Very much enjoyable to wear in all condition
⦁    Available in Large Size
⦁    Pullover construction ensures Long Durability
⦁    Easy to wash and care
⦁    Length 66 inches Maxi length
⦁    Custom colors and sizes available

We have them logo free as well.


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