Women's Royal Gold Print Long Sleeve Dress


We offer custom suits NYC, wholesale fashion clothing, luxury dresses, man’s suits, bespoke tailor because of tailoring shop design. We also provide designer clothes sales because of getting the title of wholesale children's boutique clothing suppliers or good quality wholesale clothing distributors. Custom designs and patterns available under your name brand, logo and company image at low minimum quantity.

Bidenian logo is a detachable fabric logo sticker not sewn into the garment. The outfit ships separate from the fabric logo sticker.
⦁    Fabric Cotton Linen with Embroidery Finishing
⦁    Rapheeze super unique styles & trendy design
⦁    Very much enjoyable to wear in all condition
⦁    Available in Large Size
⦁    Pullover construction ensures Long Durability
⦁    Easy to wash and care
⦁    Length 66 inches Maxi length
⦁    Custom colors and sizes available

We have them logo free as well. 


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