Women's Straw Beach Tote Handbag with Classical Metal Handle

"This is a unique, classic and stylish straw bag with an eminent metallic handle as well as a long one shoulder handle, It is exquisite workmanship, It features the specialty of handmade woven bags, a pretty accessory for ladies and girls. It is a straw handicraft. This tote bag has a very good stitching and durable construction. It's a very lightweight bag.This bag will keep all your belongings safe. It's a perfect choice for a beach party and summer travel. The stylish tote bag can carry your cosmetics, cellphone, purse, and other accessories.
  • Made from fine quality Polyester and high-quality straw.
  • This classic basket bag comes with zipper closure and hasp closure to ensure the safety of your important things.
  • Made for daily or holiday use
  • Best used as a beach bag
  • Easy to carry around all essentials
  • Made & Designed by Daisy

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