AmWiner clothing service advantage includes: Quality control with label tag Made In U.S.A as customer are more comfortable purchasing clothing made in the United States where quality control is maximized, in-house Pattern Making & Grading, Prototyping & Sampling, Fabric / Component Sourcing, Technical Design & Quality Control, Process Nesting Engineering, Time studies and Line Layout, Garment Cutting and Sewing, Fashion Athletic Wear, Industrial Safety Wears, Promotional Products, Quick Turnaround, Attractive Labor Pool Simple Pricing, Site Selection & Raw Materials Procurement.

USA Clothing Manufacturing Advantage

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Rapheeze Garment Factory

Rapheeze garments fabrics are made from 100% superior polyester, spandex, rayon, silk and cotton fabrics. Easy care, wrinkle resistance and machine and hand washable fabrics, featuring breathable innovative technology. Fabrics have UV filtering protection technology that repels ultraviolet damaging rays of the sun from reaching the skin. The materials offer new temperature regulatory mechanism that keeps the body comfortable at all temperature. The cotton materials are made from organically grown cotton plants, sterilized and micro-filtered providing extra benefits and protection from skin allergies and contact dermatitis arising from use of clothing materials made from cottons grown with fertilizers and chemicals. We offer free in-house custom brand designs, manufacturing and wholesale distribution services on garments with low minimum quantity of 100pcs per size to fashion companies, boutiques and small business owners that wish to create their brand name clothing lines, with wide varieties of fabrics materials to choose from.