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Physical address: 11601 Plano Road Ste 104-106 Dallas TX 75243. USA.

Other Information

Unit prices for each garment is applied to your wholesale order when you complete your order. Investor buyers and department store buyers suppling to retail store chains will contact us by email: Wholesale Boutique Distributors will receive additional 30% discount on all orders. New franchise clothing stores and hotels get free Merchandise display racks and accessories.

There is a $0.00 wholesale account deposit  with minimum of $500 per order. To apply for wholesale account, business credit, purchase a gift card or to create custom brand for your boutique or clothing line, please fill out the form below. To have a special garment for any occasion designed for your individual use or clothing name brand, send us answers to these questions when you contact us and a sales rep in your area will get back to you.

1. Do you have sample garment you would like to replicate or is this a fresh start customized garment.
2. Is this for individual use or business clothing brand
3. Do you have the fabric type you would like us to use, and are you able to send us small piece of your or you prefer to use our fabric materials.
4. What is your height?
5. Your waist and hip size in inches or CM 
6. Your arm length from shoulder to your fingers in inches or CM
7. Your chest size in inches or CM
8. What type of garment- skirt and top or full length gown


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