AmWiner & Raphe Holdings fabric design and garment construction company established in 2001 with Head office in Dallas Texas specializing in custom fabrics manufacturing, high end apparel design and construction, and fashion accessories for women.

Our factory garments are constructed with fabrics are made from 100% breathable and UV coated fabrinectin technology and micro fibril system, that repels the sun ray effect from damaging the skin. Temp regulatory technology incorporated in these breathable microfibrils allow adequate skin and body temperature regulation, promotes maximum body oxygenation and skin health without compromising ventilation.

 We offer free in-house design services for companies wishes to create  patterns very unique. With happy successful vendors and investors all over United States and in 19 countries across the globe, AmWiner has created chains of successful business lines for entrepreneurs, small business owners and individuals with dreams of creating top notch clothing lines, high end apparels to market at departmental stores, open brand name Celebrity boutique, and for personal use. We design and construct best in class assortments of upscale apparel, accessories, jewelry, beauty products for celebrities, and home products.

Our industry is a prosperity marketplace designed to support our buyers, and small businesses reach their highest goal and success, without being compromised. Our online marketing team work tirelessly to provide search engine optimizations, rich website designs, best available ranking on search engines, to each product or garment designed or constructed by our technical team..